• Where can you find us?
Glow Theatre Group meets for rehearsals at the Caterham United Reform Church Hall, Harestone Valley Road, Caterham.

• When do we meet?
Glow Theatre Group rehearsal sessions run for 3 hours on Saturday afternoons, from 2pm until 5pm. We hold technical and dress rehearsals at the theatre in the run up to the shows. Glow meets during term times only, and not during the Christmas, Easter or Summer holidays.

• Who can join?
Glow Theatre Group is specifically aimed at children aged between 8 and 18, with our senior section, AfterGlow, allowing our older members specific and sometimes separate challenges within the group. We can be flexible on the age limit if we feel that a child from outside this age group is ready for membership or would benefit from, or add to, the group. In these cases, membership would be at the discretion of Glow Theatre Group.

Glow Theatre Group believes that all its members should be allowed the opportunity to work and develop in an atmosphere of friendship and encouragement. All Glow students are therefore expected to contribute to the well being of the group and its projects by co-operative and considerate behaviour at all times. Glow Theatre Group cannot accept behaviour which is detrimental to the group, the children or the staff.

• How big is the group?
Glow membership is limited, so that each child receives an excellent level of individual coaching and support from the staff. We do hold a waiting list for prospective members once our group is full.

• Fees

Membership of Glow Theatre Group is based on a cost of 5.60 per hour. We charge 16.80 for each 3 hour rehearsal and performance session, which equates to approximately 270 per term, depending on the term length. Fees are due two weeks after the start of each term. (Please note that due to the difference in school term lengths, the fees will vary slightly - a shorter term will obviously mean lower Glow membership fees at that time!)

• Who will be working with my child?

All Glow Theatre Group team members are carefully selected for the varied skills and experience that they bring to the group. Our leaders have wide experience of working with children, and all are checked for their suitability through DBS accreditation. (enhanced level).

our rooms
our rooms
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