Glow Theatre Group 8 to 18 year olds

How Glow Theatre Group works...

Glow Theatre Group runs a series of weekly rehearsals each term, preparing the plays, musicals and festival work that we stage every year. The rehearsals are held on Saturday afternoons. In the first weeks, children are given their scripts and song sheets. Working in a combination of one-to-one, small group and whole cast sessions, the show is rehearsed throughout the term, ready for the end of session shows. Each rehearsal session is structured to teach the children a variety of different theatrical skills and stagecraft, building on their skill levels, their previous experiences and their confidence as a performer.

Our rehearsals are great fun, but the emphasis is also on learning and developing, so each rehearsal is very carefully structured, and we encourage high levels of focus from all our young actors.

We hold full stage, technical and dress rehearsals at the show venue during the fortnight before a performance.

Glow Theatre Group scripts are selected to fit the dynamics of the current membership, and to bring out the best in each child. Glow selects shows that are fun to be in, are entertaining for the audience, and provide a stimulus to challenge and develop the children’s dramatic skills. We encourage the children to experience a wide range and style of scripts and performance genres, and choose our scripts accordingly.

our rooms
our rooms
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